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Internet Mail

Telkom Internet technical support is available 24 hours on 10215 or email us on, 7 days a week.

Internet Mail Setup

 Step 1:

Double click on the Internet Mail icon on desktop or in the Start Menu.

 Step 2:

When Internet Mail opens click on the Mail button at the top then move down to the Options button in the menu.

Click options to continue.

 Step 3:

In the options window that opens after clicked you will see a window with a few TABS at the top, the first should be Send. All settings under Send should be as in the image.

Click the Read TAB to continue.

 Step 4:

Under the Read TAB you will see a couple more options that can be changed but is unnecessary to be changed.

Click the Server TAB to continue.

 Step 5:

Under the Server TAB you will be required to enter server and customer information in the required fields. In Name enter the users Full name, organization can be left blank. Enter the email address in the block below organization. The second section is mail server settings, you will need to enter the incoming & outgoing mail servers as well as the user account information.



Enter the account name that appears before the @ sign, and then the password just below.

Click Advanced Settings to continue.

 Step 6:

In the Mail Server Advanced Settings window you can customize a few settings for the user if requested. The Server port numbers should be as they are by default. Delivery options can be setup as shown in the image. The reply to field can be activated to possible enter a different reply address. Server timeouts can be increased to maximum if desired.

Click OK to continue.

 Step 7:

Click on the Connection TAB at the top. Make sure the user has the correct option ticked under connection. If they use a modem to dial up then the 3rd option must be chosen. If the user connects through a network then the first option must be chosen. If the user wants to dial up manually then choose the 2nd option. For Modem dial up choose the correct Dialup Networking Connection in the drop down menu.

Click OK to complete the configuration of Internet Mail.