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Outlook Express Setup

 Step 1:

Double click on the Outlook Express icon on desktop.

 Step 2:

Enter your name in the required field. This name will be used when a mail message is sent to another user and will display it in their mail program.

Click next to continue.

 Step 3:

Enter your email address in the required field so that the server can recognize which user you are.

Click next to continue.

 Step 4:

The incoming mail server will always be a POP3 server which should be selected by default. Enter the mail server settings in the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Incoming mail: pop3.telkomsa.net

Outgoing mail: smtp.telkomsa.net

Click next to Continue.

 Step 5:

Enter the correct username for the current user. Below that enter the users password, make sure that it is in the same case as the original password specified. Leave the tick out of Log on using Secure Password Authentication.

Click next to continue.

 Step 6:

Enter a mail account name for the Outlook Express to recognize the mail account. Any name can be entered in the required field.

Click next to continue.

 Step 7:

Choose the connection type that the user wishes to connect with. The user can choose either to Dial up using a modem or phone line, or can connect using his LAN which usually only occurs at work places that are on a network. The 3rd option allows the user to connect manually to the internet. This option disables the automatic dialup when Outlook is opened.

Click next to continue.

 Step 8:

This screen will only appear if the user connects using his modem or phone line. There will be a choice to create a new connection or to use the already created connection like the World Online connection portrayed in the image. Place a tick in the 2nd option and then choose the Dialup connection.Click next to continue.

 Step 9:

The user will now be congratulated on the setup of his/her mail account in Outlook Express and will be prompted to click finish to save these settings.Click finish to save settings and proceed to mail program.