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Telkom Internet Email FAQ

Q: What are the incoming/outgoing mail servers?
A: For TelkomInternet incoming mail server is and the outgoing mail server is For Intekom incoming mail server is and the outgoing mail sever is

Q: How do I get my email or dial-up settings faxed to me?
A: Contact the support desk on 10210 and request your details faxed to you.

Q: How can I add an alias on my email account?
A: Email a request to to request an alias to be added to your account. Or give the support desk a call on 10210.

Q: How do I enable forwarding to a different email address?
A: You can call the support desk on 10210 or you can send us an email on .

Telkom Internet Spam Quarantine FAQ

Is this quarantine notification email I am getting from "Telkom Internet Abuse" legitimate, or is it a new scam from spammers?
A: It is legitimate if it looks like the example mail you received from us previously, and it does not ask you for your username and/or password. The links in the page should start with eg. The Release link should take you to something like:

Q: My browser complains that the certificate is not valid, or gives me an error along the lines of: “The certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority”. Now I can't open the page.
A: You can open the page by clicking “accept the certificate” or “ continue to the webpage”. During this trial period we are using a demo certificate, we will notify you when we implement this system fully.

Q: Are you sure it is safe to open the page if it has no certificate?
A: Yes, there will be no exchange of usernames or passwords that need to be secured.

Q: Why does the page the link takes me to have a box for me to enter in my username and password?
A: Your browser may have incorrectly directed you to the main page: you can only access the quarantine using the full link provided in the notification email sent to you. Please don't try using the example links sent to you in the communication letter to try acces your quarantine, you will be sent an email with links that are unique to you if there are any mails in the quarantine.

Q: The quarantine notification doesn't have a release link for one of my legitimate emails that is in the quarantine.
A: You can check all the mails that are in the quarantine by clicking the “View All Quarantined Messages(n)” link. If the message is not there, then it was NOT quarantined. It is possible that there are delays elsewhere, which would have affected the mail whether it went through the spam filter or not. The delay could be anywhere on the mail's path between the sender and you.

Q: I used the full link that was in the email, and it still asks me for a username and password, should I enter it?
A: No, We will never send you an email that asks you to enter your username and password. This is possibly a scam, please forward the mail to

Q: But if I don't use my username and password to log into the quarantine, then can anybody see my email?
A: No, since the only way to see your email is to use the link in the email sent to you, nobody else can get there. The long piece of text in the link (eg. ea173d6fc36cg5f1d7sdfss2d198fh44fgh7 is a unique security measure that is used to log in securely instead of your username and password.

Q: I'm still not convinced that people won't be able to read my confidential email in the quarantine.
A: All that can be accessed in the quarantine, by you, or anybody else (in the unlikely event that they guess the random security code) is the Subject of the email. The content is only available once the "release" command has been issued. In which case the mail is forwarded directly to YOUR inbox. Hence only you can read the mail.

Q: If my mail needs to be forwarded to my Inbox, and is currently inaccessible because it is quarantined, where is it actually?
A: It is on a separate quarantine server, waiting to be released or deleted.

Q: How do I delete the mail out of the quarantine?
A: You don't have to, it is done automatically if it hasn't been released in 14 days.

Q: How much space does this quarantine take up in my mailbox?
A: None, we are trying to save you space, by not delivering ANY spam to your mailbox at all, the quarantine server is completely seperate. The only thing that takes up space is the notification we send you, but instead of hundreds of spam messages, you will only receive one notification email from us.

Q: I don't like the notification emails, I don't want them, how do I stop this service?
A: This service is provided at a system level, every email we receive goes through the quarantine. If the notification messages never contain any useful information at all because none of your legitimate mail is ever quarantined, you can set you email software up to automatically delete mails with the subject "Spam Quarantine Notification". Consult your vendor or manual for your email package on how to do this.

Q: Why do the notification emails get marked as spam, and get put in my spam folder?
A: The notifications contain the subjects of probable spam messages, and may be caught by our original spam solution if you have it enabled.

Q: Should I turn the old spam scanner (spamassassin) off?
A: We ask that you please leave it enabled if you do have it on, as we are currently only testing the new solution, and would like to measure it's effectiveness up against the original scanner.

Q:I don't have spamassassin turned on, do I need to turn it on?
A: No, this is an independent solution to the old spam scanner.

Q:Since this solution went in I can no longer send or receive mail
A: Please ensure that your email package is using the following:

Domain Outgoing Mail Incoming Mail (ADSL Customers)